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About Me

I am Zankruta.


I am a UX/UI Designer.

I believe that small gestures have the potential to make a big impact. When I was in 12th grade, I lost a family member. I was away from school for more than a month. By the time I returned, I was way behind. At that time, one of my teachers understood my problem without me having to tell them. She had prepared notes for me and laid out a plan for me to cover the topics that I had missed in that course.  She took these extra efforts and helped me so that I can perform better. Since then I have tried following in her footsteps.


I learnt that addressing users’ needs before they have even expressed them, can lead to a pleasing experience. So, as a UX designer, I derive my approach to solving problems from anticipatory design. I try to identify and minimize the gap between usability and convenience because even a small change in UI/UX has the potential to transform a good experience into a magical experience.

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