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A weight gain solution for underweight people

Project Overview

Problem Definition

People are underweight due to medical or non-medical reasons as each individual has different conditions and needs. Current digital platforms offer solutions that are generic and are suitable for those who do not have any medical issues.


WeighUp is a dedicated weight gain platform that evaluates a user’s individual needs and provides a personalized solution by connecting users with an expert and helping them to follow the weight gain plan.

My Role

Project Owner & UX Designer

Time Duration

4 months: Jan 2022 - Apr 2022

Design Process





User Survey

I conducted an initial survey with the potential users to assess the need and validate the idea of my project. I chose the respondents who represented my target audience and ensured inclusion of diverse set of individuals to avoid bias in responses. Respondents included people who are underweight, have lost weight, and people who were underweight but were successful in gaining weight.​

Comparative Analysis Research

I conducted an analysis of competitor websites and apps to identify the gaps between users' needs and their products. I researched the top competitors that provided weight gain solution based on meal and exercise plans.  I analyzed each of these resources to identify their strengths that can be adopted in the implementation of my own project. This analysis also helped me to identify the areas of improvement that my project can fulfill.

Research Findings

Surevey results and comparative analysis research indicated that:

  • Nearly half of the respondents felt that the problem is worth is solving.

  • A few respondents were unsatisfied with the current products as they didn't address their medical condition.

  • Having weight gain solution on the same platform as weight loss platform could be triggering for some users.

  • The user experience is lacking in terms of conversation with the user on the platform and is mostly directed towards weight loss users. 




Based on the research, I developed two distinct personas. 

Eric is a first-year student who is pursuing his masters in Architecture. He loves going around the city and studying architecture. He also loves playing basketball and wants to join a league after graduation. He has tried gaining weight by watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and using haelath and fitness apps. He hasn't succeeded so far because these resources doesn't provide him plan based on his medical condition. He has kidney disease and hence he needs to be careful of his daily protein intake as well.

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 20.01_edited.jpg

Persona named Eric who is underweight and has kidney disease

Lisa is a cancer survivor. After her medical treatment, she lost a significant amount of weight. Her doctors had advised her to eat more to recover from the treatment. However, she wasn't able to gain weight. She needs a meal plan that can adapt to her condition and help her develop appetite and gain back lost weight.

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 20.01_edited.jpg

Persona named Lisa who lost significant weight after Chemotherapy

Site Map

After creating personas, I developed sitemap such that related information was grouped together and helps in designing intuitive userflow. 

Weight Gain Platform Site Map - Frame 1.jpg

Site map for WeighUp platform

User Flow

Based on the site map, I designed a user flow that optimizes user experience by reducing redundancy and anticipating users' needs. The following picture depicts Eric's journey when he tries to get a weight gain plan through this platform.

WeighUp - UserFLow - Frame 2.jpg

User journey path for persona Eric


Draft Prototype Test

During the design phase, I created a draft prototype to conduct user testing with actual users. Due to the simplicity of the design, the feedback was focused on the usability of the design rather than visual appeal of the design. 

The testing results revealed that users wanted more flexibility in terms of weight goal setting with respect to the target date and weekly target. Moreover, users express concerns with the respect to interpretation of information related to macro-nutrients (protein, fat and carbs). 


After getting user feedback and after multiple iterations, I designed high-fidelity wireframes.  

High-fidelity wireframes for WeighUp



Group 918 (1).png

This prototype takes you through the journey of getting a weight gain solution by connecting with an expert and providing the weight gain plan on the platform.

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